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Below are current workshop topics and we can add and tailor topics based on your groups' needs:

Motivating Your Staff
Live Fearless: Reinvent Your Business, Your Way
Managing Stress and Fear in Uncertain Times
Redesigning Your Brand
The Balancing Act: How to Recharge Your Energy?

Dare To Be Great – Create Your Own Reality

This personal development program is an interactive workshop, which teaches students how to build
healthy self-esteem from the inside out. Through a series of role playing exercises, they explore self
expression and learn practices of emotional intelligence. Students learn how to be true to

What students learn in this workshop:
► How to build their confidence
► How to respect each other
► How to respond to conflicts
► How to create a bully free environment

Topics include: Bullying, Cyber Bullying, Peer Pressure & Communications
This guided program features an assembly style presentation and workshop with discussions, role
playing, stories and exercises to help students take responsibility for their thoughts, words and

No More Drama Queen – Build Your Self-Esteem

Coach Caryl is the creator of the "No More Drama Queen - Build Your Self-Esteem" Workshop. It is a
fun yet powerful hands-on session that teaches girls how to get rid of the drama, chaos and
confusion often caused by low self-esteem, jealousy, negative peer pressure and poor
communication skills.

What students learn in this workshop: 
► How to resolve conflicts 
► How to develop self-love & inner beauty
► How to improve communication skills 
► How to create healthy relationships  

Topics include: Peer Pressure, Beauty Images & Etiquette
This guided program features an assembly style presentation or breakout workshops with group
exercises, role playing and activities to help girls and teenagers overcome fear and insecurities. 

Dream Team SUCCESS - Goal Setting Workshop

This interactive workshop helps students define a clear sense of purpose and passion. The forum
includes a discussion and gives students opportunities for their voices to be heard on key issues that
matter to them. They learn how to create a plan, reach out for support and develop tasks to achieve
their goal.

What students learn in this workshop:
► How to improve communication skills
► How to set and achieve short and long-terms goals
► How to understand themselves better
► How to develop the skills to plan for their future 

Topics include: Goal setting, student priorities, time management, & community service 
This customized workshop provides students with a caring and dedicated facilitator who guides
students through dream building techniques and exercises. Students develop action plans and
creative vision boards for themselves.